Here are the AIF games I have coded. I love to hear feedback from people who have played my games, please email me with either praise or constructive criticism.

All these games are my own original creations and copyright by me. You may copy and distribute these games as long as you retain my statement of authorship and you may not charge any fee. These games contain adult themes. By downloading these games you affirm that you are of legal age to view them. The author is not responsible for any harm, physical or psychological, that you claim to suffer as a result of downloading and running these files.

These games are programmed in TADS 3. In order to run them you must first download a TADS interpreter. Windows users can download the TADS 3 Player's Kit. It will also run on Mac OSX or Unix systems with Wine. OSX and Unix users can also use FrobTabs.

Lady in Waiting v. 1.1 Release date: June 02, 2008 Source code

Won second place in the comp.
You are a commoner in 16th century Venice. Having snuck into a nobleman's party, you meet his lovely wife Veronica. You two seem to hit it off, will you see how far she is willing to go to revenge herself against her husband?

Lysistrata v. 1.0 Release date: May 16, 2007

You are an ancient Athenian. The wives of Athens have cut off their husbands until you declare peace with Sparta.
This was my first released game, and as such it's not very good.

Programming Tools

Futuo, an AIF library for TADS 3 v. 1.3 Release date: Oct 16, 2008

This module provides layered clothing and sex commands for TADS 3 games.

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